Run Your Practice Easier With SOTA Imaging's Best Deal Of The Year

Posted by N. Waln on 11/12/19

For the end of 2019, SOTA Imaging is offering our lowest price ever on our digital x-ray sensors + intraoral camera bundle. This promotion includes any two Clio Digital X-Ray sensors and a Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera for nearly half the price. It’s one more step SOTA Imaging is taking to make the process of running a dental practice more accessible for our customers.

With this promotion, you get any two Clio Digital X-ray Sensors + a Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera for $11,995. That’s over $10,000 in savings. If that wasn’t enough we’re including our SOTA Imaging Software for FREE. That’s an additional $2,495 in savings.

“By offering the dental community such a major discount, we hope to reduce the load on dental practices’ cost of upgrading and maintaining their equipment,” said Albert Kim, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SOTA Imaging.

Building and maintaining a dental practice is a challenge. From staff to marketing to insurance costs, it’s not an easy endeavor. Even as part of a Dental Service Organization (DSO), the process has its challenges. Decreasing costs and streamlining processes is essential. In order to save on initial costs, some practices are willing to sacrifice equipment quality. The problem with this is that the quality of the equipment is so low, it’s not ideal for use, and indeed, after not too long, it breaks. This means that the office must purchase a piece of new equipment or spend more on returns.

With higher-end dental cameras and sensors, there is often the issue of hidden fees. Many companies will charge enrollment fees for replacement programs. These enrollment programs can range from $1,200 to the upwards of nearly $2,000. These fees often don’t indicate quality and are simply what the companies charge to replace their expensive cameras. SOTA’s sensor replacement program, on the other hand, is FREE for the first five years.

SOTA Imaging has a solution to both the challenge of purchasing high-quality products at an affordable price and finding a replacement program without hidden fees. The company offers the highest quality cameras and sensors on the market while having the most competitive barrier of entry financially. Furthermore, our straightforward replacement program makes the process just that much easier for dental offices around the country.

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