Dental Products of the Future: How Cloud Software Can Transform the Dental Industry

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 3/31/22

The dental industry is constantly changing to improve patient, doctor, and staff experience. That’s why Dental Products Report released an article asking dental professionals what innovations they’re looking forward to in the future.

In his answer, Dr. Glenn Vo insists that integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into cloud imaging software like SOTA Cloud is going to transform the dental industry. Discover why in the quick recap below!

How Can AI Integration into Cloud Software Improve the Dental Industry?

Through pre-trained algorithms, AI has the ability to analyze images and help doctors identify abnormalities that may not be so visible to the human eye. In other words, AI can assist doctors in making a non-biased and more accurate diagnosis.

When AI is integrated into cloud imaging software, this information is safely stored and easy to access from just about anywhere. Dr. Vo explains how it promotes a more seamless dental experience because it:

“allows all patient information to be automatically uploaded into a centralized database. This will make it extremely easy for dentists and their staff to access patient information from various locations and provide evidence to back up their diagnoses.

Why Should Dentists Be Interested in Cloud Software?

While AI integration into cloud software is still a work in progress, cloud software is readily available and widely used in many dental practices worldwide. The convenience and safety it brings to practicing dentistry make implementing cloud software a no-brainer for doctors looking for an easy way to boost performance.

Dr. Vo explains that the best way to improve the dental industry is to look at the world around us.

“Everything around us regarding storage is already moving toward cloud. For example, the pictures on your iPhone automatically get saved into iCloud.”

We see how cloud makes it easier to transfer information in our everyday lives so it only makes sense to bring this innovative technology into dentistry.

Interested in discovering what other insights Dr. Vo had to share? Check out the full article: “Imagining the Future: Dental Products We Wish We Had.

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