Dental Influencer Reviews SOTA Cloud in Facebook Live Interview

Posted by Chloe Babauta on 9/14/21

More than 2,400 dental practitioners have tuned into the SOTA Imaging Facebook Live event with Dr. Glenn Vo of Nifty Thrifty Dentists, a group of more than 37,000 dental professionals. The interview dives into the details about the launch of SOTA Cloud cloud-based imaging software and gets into the nitty-gritty with a live demo. 

 You can watch the Facebook Live event here. 

Built on Decades of Deep Industry Knowledge 

Albert Kim, SOTA Imaging VP of Sales & Marketing, shared how the company has built on its 25 years of experience and intimate knowledge of dental imaging to create SOTA Cloud as a solution for the modern dentist. The imaging company started out making intraoral cameras in the 1990s and developed its on-premise imaging software, SOTA Image, a decade ago. 

“We learned a lot from hardware integrations to practice management integrations, and just really focused on design and user interface to make it the most intuitive software on the market,” said Kim. “We took everything we learned there, and for the last 3 years have been in development with this cloud product. We wanted to make the best cloud product in terms of imaging out there in the industry.” 

At the event, Dr. Vo said SOTA Imaging brings a unique perspective because the company began with hardware and moved into the imaging software sphere building on deep industry knowledge. 

“We’re bringing years of experience on the hardware development side of things to bear with this product, but we’re also bringing almost 10 years of experience with our on-premise solution, and all the software integrations that go with that,” said Dustin Johnson, Director of Engineering at SOTA Imaging. “So there’s really a deep pool of knowledge that you gain from having these different tendrils out in these separate areas in that space.” 

Integrates with Everything 

At the event, Dr. Vo said hardware integration is the biggest problem doctors face with imaging, including at his own practice. Dr. Vo asked how doctors can use SOTA Cloud even if they don’t use SOTA sensors or intraoral cameras, or how it will integrate with their practice management software. 

“Our goal is to give practitioners the freedom to use the hardware and software that they prefer,” said Johnson. “We want to make sure that it’s easy to adapt to your practice workflow, and that it’s not the other way around. You shouldn’t have to adapt to the software you’re using. You should be able to optimize your practice, the way you want your practice to run, the way you want your exams to run, and the software should work with you for that.”  

“Because we’ve had our on-prem for 10 years and our strategy has always been open platform, we pretty much integrate with every device on the market,” said Kim. “We like to call ourselves the kings of device integrations when it comes to 2D imaging. I mean, we’ve been doing it for a long time. It really requires a lot of domain knowledge. There’s a lot of esoteric engineering involved, and we’ve built that up for quite a long time. So if anyone’s going to do it, it’s going to be us.” 

Partnership with CareStack 

Jim Gerson, VP of Sales & Marketing at CareStack, joined Dr. Vo and SOTA Imaging in the live event. Dr. Vo asked Gerson to share why CareStack is excited about this imaging software and integration. 

“First and foremost, SOTA is a blue-chip company,” said Gerson. “They have a deep institutional knowledge of imaging from the product side and also in the software space. What we’ve heard from our clients and prospective clients is they want a solution that’s cloud-based, does not have a desktop application to launch. We’ve heard from many clients who are startups that they really want to move away from making an investment in the server.” 

For startups, that’s a big investment to make on the front end for IT infrastructure, Gerson said. 

“We love the element that while it works with other practice management softwares, it’s agnostic from a hardware standpoint, and that was really important to us,” said Gerson. 

CareStack’s clients using SOTA Cloud are thrilled with the integration, he said. 

“This is a super robust product that’s been vetted before it’s come to market,” Gerson said. “The feedback we’ve had has been universally exuberant, enthusiastic, off the charts. That’s really important to us. This is a big thing for de novo practices and for existing practices, multi locations, single locations, it really covers all the bases. And if your software’s being sunsetted, this is the place to go. Number one. This is a true cloud experience, no desktop application, no need for a server, it checks all the boxes.” 

Watch the full interview here.

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