DentalTechup Reviews SOTA Image Software

Posted by Frank Holman on 2/7/20

Aaron DeForest, DDS, reviewer for DentalTechup, released his review of SOTA Image Software, covering the software’s capabilities, including image capture, ease of use, exporting, and customization.

Here are the top features from Dr DeForest.

1. Intuitive navigation

You can customize SOTA Image to your needs. What’s easy to use about this software is the redundancy. It will always have you select the patient, which allows you to maintain your work. It’s easy to learn.

2. Easily capture, email and print images

SOTA Image enables you to go back and see a previous image taken months ago, as well as select the individual teeth and compare multiple images. It makes things really easy, especially when taking x-rays. From the exam, you can email, export, and print very quickly as you take the images, which you can also do from the home screen if you want.

3. Configurable image templates for patient education and insurance reimbursement. 

It’s nice that you can easily add placeholders instead of having to create new templates. You are covered when it comes to insurance and when it comes to patient education.

4. Customization, including changing wallpaper and video feed size.

You can change the wallpaper, and you can drag to make the video feed bigger. If you allow video upscaling, you can increase it to 1080 or whatever size your screen is. If you’re farther away from the monitor, this will allow you to see the image while you’re taking it.

5. Exporting images in different file types.

You can export in different types of files, sizes, and resolutions. JPEG is the smallest file size, then you have PNG, and BMP, the largest file size.

SOTA Image dental imaging software also features advanced syncing with practice management through our AutoBridge. The feature allows users to pass on data from their existing practice management software to SOTA Image.

Another feature, SOTA Image’s SOTA POP Auto Image Processing (AIP) Technology, lets users adjust image brightness, contrast, sharpness, and detail to your preference.

DentalTechup was created by Dr DeForest to assist dentists in making the most informed decisions when buying dental products and software. 

You can try SOTA Imaging products for free through our Demo By Mail Program.