DentalTechup Reviews Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor

Posted by Frank Holman on 1/15/20

DentalTechup product reviewer, Aaron DeForest, DDS, released his review of the SOTA Imaging Clio Digital X-ray Sensor. The review is an extensive look at the sensor’s capabilities, including image quality, ease of use, and integration capabilities. 

DentalTechup was created by Dr DeForest to assist dentists in making the most informed decisions when buying dental products and software. 

Dr DeForest, who runs two dental offices in Missouri, has previously reviewed our Claris i5HD intraoral Camera, and looked forward to his follow-up review of the Clio Digital X-ray Sensor.

As he unpackackaged the sensor, he noted that all that you need to get started is included, including a USB connection for direct plug-and-play with an operatory computer.

“One thing I really like about SOTA,” he said, “is they came out with intraoral cameras first and then they came out with their digital x-ray system so they created their own ecosystem with their own software, called SOTA Image.”

In the video review, Dr DeForest took multiple sample x-rays with the sensor, walking viewers though the acquisition process and commenting on the images quality. He also explored features of SOTA Image software, including SOTA POP filters. 

SOTA POP adjusts brightness, contrast, sharpness, and detail enhancement for optimal images. The feature, designed to save time and increase efficiency, is customizable and tailored to a practice’s specific preference. 

“You can definitely see the difference between the POP filter and no POP filter,” he said. “All the images look good and it makes it really easy to take good x-rays. Once you use the filter, it’s hard to look at x-rays without it.”

Next, he reviewed the Twain driver, which allows Clio Digital X-ray Sensors to integrate with dental imaging software. The integration allows doctors to take advantage of their imaging software capabilities, making workflow fast and easy. Dr DeForest was a big fan of the Twain’s ability to cache images and find them easily. The Twain also includes automatic image advance and placeholder advance in leading software.

“The fact that they spent so much time making the Twain driver and making it high quality sets it aside from other digital x-ray sensors that you see on the market,” Dr DeForest said. “I have some other digital x-ray sensors from Schick CDR and Gendex which have Twain drivers that aren’t that special.”

Overall, DeForest said, “The sensor feels well-built. It does a really good job and makes it easy to take good x-rays.”

Clio Digital X-ray Sensors also come with a 2-year warranty, 5-year replacement program, and 60-day SOTA Care subscription. SOTA Care comes with free unlimited tech support, free software upgrades, and loaner sensors during any repair.

In his review of the x-ray sensor, Dr DeForest also noted that SOTA Imaging offers free demos of all their products—that way doctors can try them hands-on themselves. With the program, doctors sign up, receive a demo unit at their office, try it for 7 days, and decide to purchase. SOTA Imaging helps with set up along the way. 

Doctors who are interested in trying Clio Digital X-ray Sensor for free can learn more about our Demo by Mail program here.

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