DentalTechup Reviews Claris i5HD Intraoral Camera

Posted by N. Waln on 12/26/19

Aaron DeForest, DDS, Founder of DentalTechup, reviewed the SOTA Imaging Claris i5HD as part of his video review series of dental products, highlighting the camera’s “crisp, clear images” and integration with SOTA Image software. 

The goal of DentalTechup is to help dentists make their own decisions when buying dental products and software. While SOTA Imaging sent DentalTechup our products for review, Dr DeForest did not receive any form of sponsorship for his review.

Dr DeForest, who has two dental offices in Missouri, unpackaged the camera excited to learn how it works with dental imaging software and Clio digital x-ray sensors. 

“Integration is a big deal when it comes to dental technology,” he said. “What I’m excited about is what the ecosystem will look like as they make their own sensors, software, and intraoral cameras.”

Dr DeForest liked the look and feel of the camera right out of the box. “It’s anodized aluminum and it doesn’t flex at all so it does feel like it has a really high-quality build,” he said.   

He went on to take a variety of images with the camera demonstrating the image quality and relaying the specs as he looked at interior and anterior teeth. The Claris i5HD has the ability to take full face, full smile, and full arch images. Image quality for incisor detail, single molar, upper molar, lower arch, and filling detail can be viewed on the SOTA Imaging website

Overall, he said, “The [Claris i5HD] is very color accurate, and I’m happy with the color science of this camera. I think the images look really good and I’m pretty impressed with the camera itself.”

The video review also included a review of SOTA Image software.

“Their software is extremely easy to use also,” he said. “What it allows you to do is export the files in multiple formats.” With SOTA Image you can review intraoral camera images or x-ray images with patients, increasing their satisfaction and case acceptance. By showing patients what is wrong with their teeth, you are more likely to build their trust which in turn will lead to an increase in case acceptance rate.

In his review of the camera, Dr DeForest also noted that SOTA Imaging offers free demos so doctors can try it out themselves. 

With the program, doctors sign up, receive a demo unit at their office, try it for 7 days, and decide to purchase. SOTA Imaging helps with set up along the way. 

Doctors who are interested in trying the Claris i5HD for free can learn more about our Demo by Mail program here

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