7 Effective Tips to Increase Dental Patient Retention

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 1/26/22

Patients have plenty of options to consider when choosing a dental office. Therefore, finding effective ways to improve dental patient retention is essential for maintaining the success of your practice.

How to Increase Dental Patient Retention

There are many ways to increase patient retention at your dental office. Generally, this involves making sure that your practice provides an excellent patient experience. The more satisfied your patients are with the quality of care they receive, the more likely they are to come again and refer others.

Below, we’ll discuss 7 helpful tips for increasing dental patient retention at your practice.

1. Make sure your website is up to date

Most people search for a new dentist online. Think of your website as a potential patient’s first impression of your business. Make it easy to find helpful information such as hours of operation, methods of contact, address, and what types of services you offer. The easier your site is to navigate, the more likely it is for potential patients to stay on your site and actually consider booking an appointment.

Additionally, make a Yelp and Google business page so it is easy for people to find your office during their search.

2. Make appointments easy to schedule and confirm

One of the best ways to improve patient retention is to make it easy for patients to book and confirm appointments. Often, individuals may try to book an appointment during work, class, or some other time when making a phone call is not ideal. Having the option to book online makes it extremely convenient for patients to pick a date and time that works for both parties.

3. Extend hours to make it easier to attend appointments

If your practice is only open Monday-Friday between regular working hours, it can be challenging for patients to come in. Extending your hours during the week or for several hours during the weekend can open up more opportunities for individuals to book an appointment that doesn’t interfere with their school or work schedule.

4. Utilize the most up-to-date technology and equipment

Investing in quality equipment such as intraoral cameras and digital x-ray sensors can help minimize the need for retakes and help prove to your patients why you’re recommending a certain treatment. Additionally, upgrading to the most up-to-date equipment is a major selling point for patients because it proves that your office is staying up to date with the most innovative dental technologies.

5. Offer promotions

Offering a promotion every month or even every quarter is an excellent way to encourage patients to come in. Set up an email marketing program so you can reach out to your patients and let them know what your current promos are.

6. Focus on patient experience

In a perfect world, the quality of your dental work should be enough to keep patients coming back. However, many times, patients seek the whole package. This can mean ensuring that the waiting room is warm and inviting, the staff is friendly, and as mentioned before, that your office is utilizing the most up-to-date technologies. The more comfortable your patients feel in your dental office, the more likely they are to return.

7. Follow up after appointments

The little things matter. Taking the time to reach out to your patients after their visit helps build a better relationship with them. Whether it’s a simple email or a quick phone call, a follow-up helps patients feel better cared for.

Improving Dental Patient Retention: Key Points

The key to improving dental patient retention is to focus on patient satisfaction. This means providing excellent service, a comfortable environment, and building relationships with your patients. The more valued they feel, the more likely they are to keep coming back for all their dental needs.

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