How Clio Prime Dental X-Ray Sensors Can Help Optimize Performance at Your Practice

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 1/18/22

As 2021 came to a close, Dental Products Report released its Top 10 Technology Products of 2021. Out of the thousands of products on their radar, Clio Prime made the cut! In fact, it’s the only dental x-ray sensor on the list.

To help you understand what makes Clio Prime one of the top dental x-ray sensors on the market, this post will deep-dive into its innovative features.

What Makes Clio Prime One of the Top Dental X-Ray Sensors on the Market?

When it comes to dental x-ray sensors, the ultimate goal is to produce high-quality x-rays in as few takes as possible. This goal is exactly what the engineers at SOTA Imaging had in mind while developing the Clio Prime x-ray sensor.

Some features that set Clio Prime apart from other dental x-ray sensors include its:

  • Superior image quality
  • Unique ComfyCorner design
  • Easy integration with leading dental imaging software
  • Knowledgeable customer support line and 2-year warranty

Below, we’ll get into all the details of each of these features and how they can help optimize performance in your dental practice.

1. Superior Image Quality

Clio Prime dental x-ray sensor image

One of the most prominent features of the Clio Prime x-ray sensor is its ability to capture 16,384 shades of gray. Additionally, it features EveryShot X-Ray Capture technology, which helps ensure that each shade of gray is used to provide contrast across a wide range of exposure levels.

In other words, Clio Prime allows dentists to capture high-quality images with less radiation, so they can diagnose their patients with the utmost confidence without wasting time on retakes.

2. Unique Design

Another innovative feature of Clio Prime is its unique ComfyCorner design, which includes deep-cut corners to minimize discomfort.

This x-ray sensor is available in adult and pediatric sizing. The adult sensor (Clio Prime) is slightly smaller than a traditional size 2 sensor and the pediatric sensor is slightly smaller than a traditional size 1 sensor. This generally allows for better positioning and a more comfortable fit.

Additionally, the Clio Prime x-ray sensor is made of a tough polyetherimide thermoplastic exterior to minimize the risk of bite marks and cracking. 

3. Easy Integration

Clio Prime effortlessly integrates with leading dental imaging software including Dexis, Eaglesoft, Patterson Imaging, Schick CDR, Sidexis, and Carestream. In other words, your dental staff does not need to learn how to use new software in order to utilize this x-ray sensor.

However, if your practice is interested in utilizing new imaging software, SOTA Imaging offers 2 simple and intuitive dental imaging programs: SOTA Image and SOTA Cloud.

4. Knowledgeable Customer Support Line

To help you feel confident in your Clio Prime x-ray sensor purchase, SOTA offers a 2-year warranty. With the purchase of any Clio Prime x-ray sensor, SOTA will repair or exchange parts or equipment due to manufacturer defects free of charge.

Additionally, our customer support line is always ready to help between Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. If you ever need assistance with your x-ray sensor, call 1-714-532-6100.

The Bottom Line: Choosing a Dental X-Ray Sensor

Top-of-the-line technology and simple setup make Clio Prime a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a dental x-ray sensor for your practice.

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