Which Digital X-Ray Sensor is the Best?

Posted by Frank Holman on 11/19/20

Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors were featured in the November 2020 edition of Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report in an article that compares sensors by key features, price, and image quality, helping dentists determine which digital x-ray sensor is the best for their dental practice.

The article, titled “Digital Radiography: Addressing the Challenges,” notes the key features of Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors, including rounded edges and corners, thin size, and a $5,995 price for the Clio - Size 2.

In order to minimize challenges with sensors, the article recommends using sensors with rounded corners and a thin body, considering low-cost sensors, and purchasing a repair plan, among other recommendations to address challenges with positioning and alignment, resolution and detail, cost and repairs, and sensor shape and comfort.

Overall, the evaluation, which included both sensors and dental imaging software, concluded, “All systems tested made clinically acceptable radiographs, and imaging software varied greatly among brands, but once learned, all were simple and fast to operate.”

Sensors included in the comparison were Clio from SOTA Imaging, Dexis Titanium from KaVo Imaging, Dream Sensor from DentiMax, KaVo IXS from KaVo Imaging, RVG 6200 from Carestream, Schick 33 from Dentsply Sirona, and Wave Sensor from Vatech.

Topics: Digital X-Ray Sensors