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How Clio Prime Dental X-Ray Sensors Can Help Optimize Performance at Your Practice

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 1/18/22

As 2021 came to a close, Dental Products Report released its Top 10 Technology Products of 2021. Out of the thousands of products on their radar, Clio Prime made the cut! In fact, it’s the only dental x-ray sensor on the list.

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SOTA Imaging Launches Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 12/7/20

SOTA Imaging announces the debut of the Clio Prime Digital X-Ray Sensor—the culmination of decades of digital x-ray sensor innovation—featuring EveryShot X-Ray Capture technology for superior image quality, a new capsule design for extra durability and easy x-ray positioning, and built-in integration capabilities for a smooth workflow.  

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How to Test Your Dental Imaging Equipment When Reopening Your Practice

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 5/15/20

As dental practices reopen, now is a great time to test your imaging equipment to make sure you are prepared to see patients again.

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Closing Your Dental Office? Protect Your Investments with these Checklists

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 3/31/20

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the US, increasingly dramatic measures are being taken in an attempt to “flatten the curve.” The American Dental Association (ADA) in mid-March recommended that dentists nationwide postpone elective procedures. If your office is considering temporarily closing its doors, use these distributor checklists to make sure you follow best practices. 

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Dental Practices

Posted by SOTA Imaging on 3/26/20

As the dental community bonds together to formulate a response to the impact of the coronavirus, there has been an abundance of information. If you are experiencing information overload, we’ve consolidated a list of resources, categorized by business, practice, and legislative and reimbursement resources. This article will be updated regularly with additional resources.

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